Kyle A. Beattie M.A.

Educator, Tutor, Translator and Programmer

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Kyle A. Beattie M.A.

I am a passionate PhD student of political science and long-time English as a Second Language Instructor. I obtained my BA in Political Science and my MA in Education focusing on the teaching of languages, I am currently working towards my PhD in political science. Here is a List of my Recent Publications. Currently, I have been accepted to the University of Alberta as an international PhD student in the Doctorate of Political Science program.

I am currently looking for independently contracted work as an educator, tutor, translator, and/or programmer, please read about my skills below; I am sure I have something to offer you or your organization.

Graduate Tutor

Recently, I was employed by two graduate students from Humboldt State University in the Sociology and Environment and Community Departments where I assisted them in their research, which included literature reviews, survey and interview analyses, and technical writing assistance and revision.


As a native English speaker fluent Spanish speark, my abilities in both languages highly qualify me as an effective translator and interpreter. I have been a professional Spanish/English translator and interpreter for over 5 years and I have successfully translated immigration, financial and identity documents for the governments of the United States, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru.


In addition to my skills as an educator and academic researcher, I have over a decade of knowledge surrounding computer systems including Linux, Windows, and Apple. Specifically, I know the web development languages HTML, XML, and CSS, the programming languages of Java, Javascript, and Python, and the statistical analysis language R. Moreover, I have extensive knowledge of the entire Microsoft Office Suite and the Google Products Platform. I have designed websites like Humboldt Grassroots and created mobile apps using Android Studio.

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Alberta, Canada


+1 (780) 203-8567